Map your cultural organisation’s digital approach and capabilities

The Wayfinders provide quick, practical ways to start thinking about digital content, services, experiences, data, systems and technologies in your organisation. To understand how the Wayfinders fit alongside other tools in the Digital Culture Compass, please read our Overview.

There are two Wayfinders:

  • Approach Wayfinder: a snapshot of your organisation’s approach to digital in all its forms, drawing on best practice
  • Capabilities Wayfinder: a snapshot of your organisation’s capabilities across 14 areas of digital activity

Each Wayfinder helps you to get your bearings and signposts potential next steps. You can use the Wayfinders in any order and you don’t have to use both (although you may get better insights if you do). First, we recommend you register or login so you can save your results and return to edit them later. You don’t have to do this, but you won't be able to save any work in progress if you change your mind. 

Approach Wayfinder

10 Questions
15 Minutes

Capabilities Wayfinder

14 Questions (some optional)
45 Minutes